105: Toys in India with Suhasini Paul

The power of creating something is incredible... The power to influence little lives with that creation is a bigger reponsibility... So, who shoulders this responsibility of creating toys for us? Its the 'Toy Designers'. My guest 'Suhasini Paul', who places children, their learning, their creativity and even their future, while designing each toy. No wonder she received an award from our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji. Follow her on social media https://www.facebook.com/suhasini.paul.3 https://www.linkedin.com/in/suhasinipaul/ https://www.instagram.com/suhasinipaul/?hl=en

Siyona Vikram Apr 03, 2022

104: Women’s Day Special – Meeta Sharma Gupta

Happy Women’s Day!! A day to remember that Women are changing this world in ways beyond what we can fathom! That includes the toy industry too!

Siyona Mar 07, 2022

103: UN Scientist’s view on Toys – Dr Peter Fantke

Dr Peter Fantke. Dr Peter is professor for quantitative sustainability assessment with focus on assessing life cycle fate, exposure, and effects of chemicals. He is the director of USEtox, the UNEP/SETAC scientific consensus model.

Siyona Mar 05, 2022

102: Businesses can embrace sustainability – Azaan Feroze Sait

Would you think its possible to go sustainable everywhere? I mean even at the work place of our grown-ups? Azaan Feroze Sait, the most forward thinking businessman I’ve come across so far, has not just supported me even since the ideation of Little-WISE. He’s now helping me take it to a whole new level…. Going sustainable at his organisation! How cool is that? He’s just proving that children’s voices and future does not have to go unnoticed. There is value to what we’re saying.

Siyona Feb 19, 2022

101: Parent’s thoughts on toys – Jamaica/ USA – G’Ade

G’Ade just nailed a few things in this conversation. Its true that children will need more ways to engage ourselves. With so many gadgets, toys are anyways loosing their relevance slowly. That would mean so much less pollution in our living spaces.

Siyona Feb 13, 2022

099: Republic Day Special – Brigadier Sushil Bhasin

I just loved how Brigadier Sushil Bhasin explains the need for displaying India’s Military prowess and our rich cultural heritage on every Republic day. He explains why it is very necessary for all of us to live a responsible life, and in turn honour lives of all the soldiers who sacrificed for our country. He has a very interesting take on how time management can be taught to kids and how our skills should change to suit the future jobs.

Siyona Jan 25, 2022

098: On a mission towards India’s sustainability – Sunil Sood

Speak about the future of sustainability… Here’s the man who’s dedicated 30 years of his life in understanding this in-depth! While most of us choose to ignore and blame it on the system, He’s set out to change this with an iron fist. He’s Coming up with an exhaustive 22 documents about holistic sustainability for the Grand future of India… Not alone, but with a team of experts, he’s ready to present it to our central Government by August 15th this year.

Siyona Jan 22, 2022

097: Toy industry Influencer – Matt Nuccio

Taking my conversation up one notch, I was lucky to get in touch with Matt Nuccio, one of the top 100 influencers in the toy industry. We spoke about alternative materials for moving away from plastic in our toys, and how the transition has already begun.

Siyona Jan 08, 2022

096: Draw it to believe it. Its your Future! with Patti Dobrowolski

I feel proud and humbled at the same time to bring this episode out….. Normally, we can’t see our dreams when we wake up. But how about the dreams that keep you awake? There is a way to not just dream big, but even see it every day to achieve it.

Siyona Jan 01, 2022