104: Women’s Day Special – Meeta Sharma Gupta

Happy Women’s Day!! A day to remember that Women are changing this world in ways beyond what we can fathom! That includes the toy industry too!

Siyona Mar 07, 2022

100: One Hundred Episodes… Little Mind Chats

Minds are little, not our thoughts. Episodes are little, not the Goal!! I’m having every happy feeling anyone could experience… blessed, confident, content, excited, joyful, and any other word you can think of…

Siyona Feb 06, 2022

084: Teachers Day Special – Arathi Dayal

https://pdcn.co/e/www.buzzsprout.com/1035886/9141011-084-teachers-day-special-arathi-dayal.mp3?download=true The unconditional and selfless efforts put in by teachers is what builds a student and a strong nation through great students.

Siyona Sep 05, 2021

081: 75th Independence Day special with Brigadier Ray Malik

75th Independence Day for India, Its that time to share the exuberant feeling together.

Siyona Aug 15, 2021

067: Mother’s Day Special Episode

Hi, I enjoyed making this special episode for ‘Mother’s Day 2021’. I’ve had the chance to Thank mothers of every kind. Yes, even Mother Earth and mother Nature.

Siyona May 09, 2021

054: World Hearing Day

Hi, Hearing is a very important part of what we understand and process in our brains. Thanks to Mrs Radhika Poovayya for helping me Create awareness amongst kids like us, through my podcast on this ‘World Hearing Day’.

Siyona Mar 02, 2021

050: Celebrating 50 episodes

Hi, It’s a great feeling… Completing 50 episodes, a mile stone in itself… I’m choosing to celebrate it with all my favourite people, which includes my listeners, kids, the guests, a team who supports me, my huge family and ofcourse even the parents of my listeners…

Siyona Jan 31, 2021

049: Republic Day Special

Happy republic Day!! This is my first time in India on this day… I’m so looking forward to watching the Parade on TV! I had a chance to discuss so many things about this National day with Mr P Puneet, an Assistant Professor in JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University). I ended this conversation with Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the one man who unified our entire nation. Hope you enjoy listening to this very educative episode about our Indian Constitution!

Siyona Jan 25, 2021

044: 2020 Wrap up and lots of wishes

Hi, Here’s a wrap up of all you’ve heard in 2020 from my podcast. We have quiet a few guests who would like to wish us too! And yes, a little about my most recent ‘Golden Crane Award’ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021!! Thanks for listening

Siyona Dec 31, 2020

037: My First time on Radio

Hi, I’m feeling a bit too happy after my first time in a Radio show. I couldn’t stop myself from sharing my experience with you.

Siyona Nov 21, 2020

028: Celebration Of Bapu’s Birthday!

Of course I couldn’t resist the celebration of Bapu’s birthday! Here’s a special episode to remind us how this great man struggled and fought with his simplistic approach to bring the independence back to India.

Siyona Oct 02, 2020