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Current News and Lockdown Fun

Siyona May 17, 2020 24 2 5

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Hi All,
In this episode, We’ll see some more news from across the world. Some Covid 19 numbers, People coming out of lockdown and countries like Lebanon returning back to Lockdown. We discuss the gas leakage from a polymer factory and also hear news about UFO and finally, learn more about our Ozone layer. 

Following this, we hear to some cute voices of other kids and learn how they are spending their time in the lockdown. Have fun listening! 

Thank you.


Episode 4: Current News and Lock down Fun

[0.01] Background Music

[0.09] Siyona: Hello friends, welcome to my podcast Little Mind Chats – Minds are little, not our thoughts.

[0.13] I’m super excited about this Episode. Following the fortnightly news, we will hear to some of my friends and cousins on how they’ve spent their lockdown time at home. So, gear up to some cute voices!

[0.29] Let’s begin with our fortnightly news. 

[0.32] Of course, corona virus steals the first headline.

Like I explained in my previous news episode, corona virus is measured in 3 metrics, number of people who were diagnosed with it, number of people recovered and number of people dead. The numbers this week are a lot higher than we discussed previously. 

[0.57] Number of people who got it has reached 4.5 million cases that is 1 million more cases in the last two weeks.

[1.03] Number of people recovered has also increased from 1 million to 1.7 million people across the whole world.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

 [1.13] Total number of deaths across the world is now 305 thousand.

[1.21] While some countries are exploring ways of easing out the lockdown, other countries are continuing to observe it with strict rules. But the most concerning is the countries returning back to lockdown, like Lebanon after lots more people tested positive due to people coming out.

[1.46] Moving on to Another major incident in the Indian subcontinent. Last week, a deadly Gas Leak from a factory in Vishakhapatnam, unfortunately killed 11 people and injured hundreds. The gas called Styrene leaked out of a polymer factory. This was caused due to Human error meaning, Carelessness. Remember all the times our teachers and parents insist we be careful while doing something? This is an example that Carelessness can cause death!

[2.23] I got a bit curious on what styrene is and researched a little more to find how we use it. It’s used in protective packaging (such as packing peanuts and CD and DVD cases), containers, lids, bottles, trays, tumblers, disposable cutlery etc. Would you agree its time for us to stay away from these plastics?

[2.49] Now, let’s listen to a little strange news, The Pentagon, which is the United States Department of Defence has made it official that UFOs exist. Finally, they released videos of the US Navy aircraft encountering an unknown Aircraft sometime in March 2014. I did watch these videos myself. It seems straight out of a Sci-fi movie. If you are curious to see the videos too, please visit the official US navy site.

[3.27] But what are UFOs? 

According to Wikipedia, The term is widely used for claimed observations of extra-terrestrial spacecraft. Meaning they weren’t and can’t be made on earth.

[3.45] Now, let’s listen to some Ozone news. 

Earlier this month, scientists from the European Space Agency said that there is a rare hole in our Ozone layer covering an area about three times the size of Greenland. But thankfully, this hole is now closed. Scientists think this was caused due to an unusually strong and long-lived Polar vortex. 

[4.15] What is a polar vortex??

A polar vortex has something to do with the low-pressure area lying near the Earth’s poles. I’m sure you could take your parents’ help to understand this further.

[4.30] Why should a hole in the Ozone layer worry us? 

Ozone layer is found in the lower portion of the stratosphere, from approximately 15 to 35 kilometres above Earth. It protects our earth by absorbing up to 99% of the Sun’s Ultraviolet radiation. This radiation would potentially damage exposed life forms living on the surface of the earth.

[5.01] Well, there’s so much more happening on the earth but I’d like to end my news here and move on to the exciting part. In my first 3 episodes, I requested for kids like you and me to send me pictures, videos and voice messages on how you’re spending your time during this lockdown. Thank you so much for sending me these messages. Its inspiring to see you all spend your time well and not complain about staying home.

[5.37] Let’s start with listening to the youngest participant, Livansh. He’s just 5 and took the effort to send me an update.

[5.47] {Voice recording playing}

[6.18] Siyona: That was cute. For the transcript, visit my website. 

[6.23] Siyona: Next, we listen to Shriya, she’s 9 and has been my friend since we lived in the UK.

[6.31] {Voice recording playing}

[7.13] Siyona: Oh. Thankyou shriya.

[7.15] Siyona: Here is a message from my cousin Aadisha, She’s 11. 

[8.13] Siyona: Thanks, Aadisha.

[8.15] Siyona: And finally, Manu who’s 11. I appreciate that, he made the effort to send me a message.

[8.23] {voice recording playing}   

[8.58] Siyona: Thanks Manu.

[9.00] Siyona: I really appreciate you guys taking all this effort in sending me your messages. 

Please do visit my website, mail me at or WhatsApp me on +91 6366305959. 

That brings us to the end of this episode. Watch out for my next episode. Thanks, a Tonne for listening. Bye.

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