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Current News for Kids – 06

Siyona July 12, 2020 31 2

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Hi There, Its Sunday and I’m back with your weekly episode of Little Mind Chats. In the bi-weekly news, we see how research has proved that Covid is highly transmitted by air… not just the micro droplets in air. 

Our generation is witnessing major events like Russia’s vote for changes in its constitution and the difference China’s security law makes for Hong Kong. 

We’re at cosmological luck this week as there are many events for us to watch in a week or two. Meteor showers, Mars getting closer and even a newly discovered comet Neowise approaching earth with its long lovely tail for us to see! 

And yes, we finally hear about the Turkey Paraglider Mr Kaval who had a thrilling journey in the skies.. along with his couch and TV!

Hope you enjoy listening… 


Current News for Kids-06

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[0.09] Siyona: Hello everyone, welcome to the 12th episode of my podcast, Little Mind Chats. Minds are little, not our thoughts. I’m your host Siyona. Today’s episode is about the fortnightly news from around the world!

[0.27] Covid-19 everywhere, not a day to go anywhere…. Yes! The number of Covid cases are raising dangerously high around us here in India. There are cases reported right here in my neighbourhood too. So, I’m continuing to remain indoors.

[0.51] Transmission of the novel coronavirus through air is highly virulent, and could be the main means for the spread of COVID-19, according to a study conducted by the University of California San Diego.

[1.07] This means that if you breath in the same air exhaled by an infected person, you are highly likely to get it. So, do NOT expect to go out, wear a mask, wash your hands and think you are safe from getting corona. That’s not enough anymore! Please stay safe indoors.

[1.29] On the other hand, the WHO has acknowledged the possibility that the novel coronavirus can remain in the air in crowded indoor spaces.

[1.39] The United Nations World Food Programme has also warned that the pandemic could almost double the number of people suffering acute hunger.

Refer to the links below for more information on this news:

[1.51] Now let’s have a look at some political events from around the world

[1.57] Russians vote and approve changes to the Country’s constitution.

[2.03] On July 1st 2020, about 78% of Russian voters approved a bunch of 200 Changes to the country’s constitution. This would enable their current leader Vladimir Putin to run for re-election. If he won the elections, it would mean that he could continue leading Russia until the year 2036. Keeping in mind, Mr Putin has already led the country for 20 years.

[2.40] What is a constitution? 

[2.42] A constitution is a set of rules that guides how a country, state, or other political organization works. The constitution may tell what the branches of the government are, what powers they have, and how they work. It may also state the rights of citizens.

[3.04] So, that means that Almost all countries have a constitution. But Did you know? The United Kingdom does not have a written constitution?

Refer to the links below for more information on this news:

[3.18] Let’s see what else is happening around the world.

[3.22] New Law Gives China Power Over Hong Kong

[3.27] A new security law was passed on 30th June this year which would give China great power over the territory – power that can’t be challenged by Hong Kong’s courts.

[3.41] So… what’s the whole fuss about the new law? For this, we’d have to understand the history of Hong Kong.

[3.51] China took control of Hong Kong in 1997 before which it was ruled by the British for 100 years. 

[4.02] When China took over, it agreed for Hong Kong to be allowed to keep its own systems of politics, laws, and business for 50 years – until 2047. 

[4.15] But in recent years, China has shown more and more signs of taking control of the area long before then. Over the last year, there have been massive protests for freedom and democracy and against Chinese control of Hong Kong.

[4.35] Hope that explains why the new law is such a big international news.

Refer to the links below for more information on this news:

[4.42] Mississippi Will Change Flag After 120 Years

[4.49] Since 1894, Mississippi’s state flag has had some version of the blue X with white stars which make up the Confederate flag.

[5.01] But why changing the flag now?

[5.03] For over 120 years, Mississippi’s state flag has carried a symbol from the US Civil War. In that war, the southern states, sometimes called “the Confederacy”, didn’t want to end slavery. For this reason, the Confederate flag is often seen as a racist symbol.

[5.28] Mississippi governor Tate Reeves said, “A flag is a symbol of our present, of our people, and of our future. For those reasons, we need a new symbol.”

[5.42] I’m too curious to see how their new flag would be! Are you?

Refer to the link below for more information on this news:

[5.49] If you are interested in star gazing, you’re in luck as I call it, we’re approaching space streak week.

[5.58] Around July 24, Mercury will reach its highest point in the morning sky. To spot it, you’ll need a clear, unobstructed view of the eastern horizon.

[6.11] The Piscis Austrinid meteor shower will peak on the night of July 28 and can be seen lower in the south-eastern sky of the southern hemisphere. To spot the meteors, you’ll need to stay up late: the peak is expected to occur around 3 a.m. The maximum rate of meteors you can expect to see will be about five per hour.

[6.41] There’s another stunning spectacle to watch out in the night sky in about 2 weeks’ time.

[6.48] A newly discovered Comet Neowise, the brightest comet visible from the Northern Hemisphere is streaking past Earth, providing a stunning night-time show after expanding its tail. 

[7.04] It’s moved so close to the sun that it caused the dust and gas to burn off its surface and create an even bigger debris tail making it more fun to watch!

[7.18] Scientists involved in the mission said the comet is about 3 miles (5 kilometres) across. The comet will be visible across the Northern Hemisphere until mid-August, just in case you miss it, it’ll take 7000 years to return…. 

[7.36] When can we see it? 

[7.39] According to NASA, the comet is visible around 10 degrees above the north eastern horizon in the hour before dawn. From mid-July on, it’s best viewed as an evening object”.

Refer to the link below for more information on this news:

[7.55] Finally, I’m sure this news is going to cheer you up!

[8.00] Paragliding is a thrilling, but dangerous activity which involves flying through the air, held up only by a wing made of cloth

[8.11] Hasan Kaval decided that regular paragliding wasn’t crazy or dangerous enough, and took things even further. Mr. Kaval built a special frame which held a couch, a lamp, and a flatscreen TV. He attached that to a paragliding wing. Mr. Kaval has released a video of himself flying high over the sea along the coast in Turkey, sitting on the couch, eating chips, and watching Tom and Jerry cartoons on TV. To make things even more dangerously thrilling he changed into slippers at one point too!

[8.54] Well, I love Tom and Jerry, but would never be able to watch it at that height for sure!

Refer to the link below for more information on this news:

[9.02] That brings us to the end of today’s news. Hope you enjoyed it. 

[9.08] Before we could say bye, I’d like to remind you of the competition about sending your best painting, drawing or sketching. Please do send them across before the 25th July. There are 3 prizes to win! Results will be announced on the 26th July.

[9.29] Please do follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Leave me your thoughts and ideas on my website Or mail me on You could even WhatsApp me on +916366305959.

[9.56] On Friday, the 17th July it’s going to be International Justice Day. So, we might have a little surprise episode with a little guest. Watch out for my next episode.

[10.10] As always, Thanks a Ton for listening! Bye!

[10.15] {Closing Music}

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