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Special Episode

044: 2020 Wrap up and lots of wishes

Siyona December 31, 2020 109 2

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Here’s a wrap up of all you’ve heard in 2020 from my podcast. 
We have quiet a few guests who would like to wish us too! 
And yes, a little about my most recent ‘Golden Crane Award’


Thanks for listening




[0.01] {Background Music}

[0.08] Siyona: Can you believe it’s the last day of 2020? You and I would never again be able to write a year with just 2 digits. Ever again. Welcome to my podcast, Little Mind Chats. Minds are little, not our thoughts. I’m your host Siyona.

[0.26] Today’s episode is a wrap up of 2020 and to Welcome 2021. We’ll start this episode with all we heard in our 3 seasons so far, then quickly run through some news we heard to since April, when my first episode was published. And yes, of course, some special voices, of children like you and me, who would like to share with you, what they loved about 2020 and what they’re looking forward to in 2021.

[0.59] I started my journey of podcasting way back in august 2019. But it took me and my mom, 8 long months to start publishing and getting my stories out to you all. Since then, I’ve been lucky to find some very interesting and knowledgeable guests to talk to me and answer my questions.

[1.22] I started with Season 1 on health as I felt that a lot of times, we constantly hear our parents speaking about ‘Good for your health’ stuff, and I felt the need to hear and learn it straight from the Paediatric doctors. The result was beyond what I thought I would achieve.

[1.43] I received feedback from some little listeners’ mums that it helped them change to healthier eating. It’s this kind of feedback that assured me that I was on the right track with my podcast.

[2.00] I learnt from the doctors in Season 1, that for our generation we face lots of pesticides in our food, beyond permissible screen time, constant bad food that spoils our teeth and of course need to get mentally stronger. All is not bad as there are some easy solutions to all this we can learn as children and make them healthy life long habits.

[2.28] We as children need to realise that our parents and doctors care about us more than we do. Please do take time to listen to these friendly doctors who spoke about Healthy Eating, Healthy Eyes, Healthy Mind and Healthy teeth. They’ve poured in their experience in these episodes for our benefit.

[2.51] There were a few special episodes about International justice Day and Independence Day. The episode on International Justice Day kind of stuck to my memory as the guest was an 8-year-old. In episode 13, Sophia felt very strong about injustice for homeless people. I really hope I get to hear more voice of kids on my show in 2021. If you think you want to be on my show and speak about some topic you are passionate about, please do let me know!

[3.26] In my Season 2, one of my listeners suggested he’d like to hear more about space. Hmmm… why not? I thought, it was one of my favourite topics too. I was lucky enough to have some very inspiring scientists answer my questions on space. The episodes about our Solar system and satellites stays strong with me. Thanks to this Ex-ISRO scientist, Dr. Guruprasad whose explanation truly triggered interest in Space science and astrophysics. For the first time, I experienced how generous scientists can get. Dr. Guruprasad sent me a whole set of books to read. All about the amazing space. I felt super delighted.

[4.18] Did you know that the planetarium here in Bengaluru would like to encourage little minds like ours, into Astrophysics? Thanks to Dr Madhusudan, the Assistant Director who not only spoke eloquently about blackholes and universe, he even showed us a path to achieve our dreams. We could start by joining ABAA, Association of Bangalore Amateur Astronomers. If you have more questions, please do feel free to contact me as Dr. Madhusudan has offered to answer all of our questions about space.

[4.55] In my season 3, which is still on, we covered many topics about our education and why our parents are constantly concerned about how well we do Academically. The best part of this season was that my school director came into my studio to speak about the skills we need as part of our education. I felt overjoyed with the openness and encouragement she showed.

[5.26] Please do listen to these episodes in my education season as it has helped me change my perspective on education.

[5.34] Here’s a little peek into what’s coming up in the next episode about education. It’s about the National Education Policy. If you’re aware, a lot is about to change with regards to how our schooling happens. To explain this in detail, I got the opportunity to speak to Mr. Chetan Singai, He was associated with the Committee to Draft the National Education Policy-2017-2019.

[6.05] So, I promise to keep your ears busy for sure in 2021.

[6.11] But here’s what little Ananya thinks how her year went so far.

[6.16] {Voice Clip is played}

[8.08] Siyona: Thanks for your lovely message Ananya. I loved a lot of things in 2020 and will let you know it in just a while. Happy New Year to you too. 

[8.20] Here’s what Nisha had to say about her year. 

[8.25] {Voice Clip is Played}

[8.34] Siyona: Happy New Year to you too Nisha akka. 

[8.38] Now, I’d like to run through some big news that happened in 2020 that I shared in my 16 odd news episodes.

[8.48] When my first news episode released in May, I read out that we had 3.3 million Covid cases across the world. It felt like that was a lot. Who would have imagined that 8 months later, the number would have increased by 80 million cases and we’d still be struggling with going outdoors?

[9.16] We heard to some human made disasters like the polymer factory gas leak in India and huge blast and fire in Beirut, Lebanon, Migrant camp in Greece catching fire in September and death of George Floyd causing a huge outcry against racism. Please do listen to my Current news episode 04, released on June 14th to understand more about what racism is and the effects it can cause.

[9.47] I read quite a few space news in which NASA launched Mars Rover named perseverance in July and how astronaut Kate Rubins voted from space. Most recently, we’ve learnt on how Japan brought Asteroid material back to Earth and China too collected Moon samples and brought it back to Earth. 

[10.10] Of course, there was no escape from Global Warming and Environmental News. We heard to news about how earth is warming up much quicker and Greenland’s icecaps are breaking off and melting at a very high rate. And we stand at the brink of the 6th mass extinction of species on earth throwing the bio-diversity equation out of the window. We also heard about some natural disasters like heavy monsoons causing flooding in South Asia in July, Unmanageable Californian fires in September which are probably related to Global Warming.

[10.56] There was one particular news that made me super emotional. It was how turtles in the US seas are going extinct and plastic was found in the tender tummies of two-day old turtles. But at the same time, some of the great environmentalists of this day were a news too. Like Greta Thunberg giving away her 1 million prize money she received as part of Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity.

[11.29] Sir David Attenborough made Guinness World Record for being the fastest to reach a million followers on his Instagram account.

[11.41] Achievements by humans.

[11.43] We heard to how Maya Gabeira shattered her own world record for largest wave surfed by a woman. And also, to how Dr Kathy Sullivan, is now the first woman to reach the deepest spot in the ocean, called the challenger deep. Amazingly, she even visited space.

[12.06] We’ve heard to some futuristic technological developments like hydrogen powered passenger plane that completed its maiden flight in ‘world first’. And how the companies sky drive tested its first flying car SD03.6

[12.25] Phew!! I cannot believe I’ve been able to cover all this and much more in my news episodes.

[12.34] Sadly, I see that my news episodes are less heard than the other ones. Then, why am I continuing to do the news from across the world you might ask? It’s because, I believe it’s important for us as student to understand and learn the good and bad out of this news. So, we can do more off the good stuff in the future and avoid doing the bad. Our thoughts as children at this age will become reality in the near future and that’s not very far.

[13.08] Here’s 16-year old Prithvi’s message who’s summoned this all up and let us know what she thinks of 2020 and what she hopes for in 2021.

[13.19] {Voice Clip is Played}

[14.19] Siyona: Happy New Year to you Prithvi.

[14.22] My classmate Sai Vasisht, kind of resonates the same and tells this on what he thinks of the year bygone and the year coming up.

[14.32] {Voice Clip is Played}

[15.10] Siyona: Thanks for the lovely message Sai.

[15.14] Here are few changes you might see in Little Mind Chats going forward. Beginning from next year, instead of hearing to a new episode on every Sunday, you can start listening to it a day earlier. On Saturdays. Yes! That way, you’ll have the whole weekend to listen to my episodes.

[15.36] Though I enjoyed hosting the monthly competitions, I’m having to change it. Oops! Nope, don’t worry, you’ll still have a chance to win something.

[15.47] But to win, you’ll have to answer my question at the end of each episode to enter your name into the lucky draw. At the end of each month, I will pick a name from the lucky draw and that’s how you win! So, if you manage to answer all questions throughout the month, you’re likely to have a better chance of winning. That sounds so thrilling already!!!

[16.14] Here’s a message from little Shaarvi on what she missed through the year.

[16.21] {Voice Clip is played}

[16.44] Siyona: I agree with you Shaarvi. I miss playing with my friends too.

[16.49] Now let’s listen to what 8-year-old Vedvrudh Santhana Krishnan is looking forward to, in 2021.

[16.59] {Voice Clip is Played}

[17.46] Siyona: I so agree with you Vedvrudh. It sure was boring to be at home all these months.

[17.56] What do you want to be in the future? I’m sure all of you have faced this random question at random places, from random adults and still feels clueless sometimes. There is no definite answer to some questions. And luckily, as kids we have the whole world of opportunities open to us. I gave a thought on how I could make my podcast more useful. And so here’s an additional episode every month. It’s called ‘Proof of Profession’ or ‘pop’. In these episodes, you could expect to hear a professional speak about their profession and what they do!

[18.42] Come on now, this is your chance to let me know what kind of profession you would be interested in, you name the profession and I’ll give you a proof of it by talking to the right professional. It could be a singer, to a chef or a pilot. Just anything. Sounds interesting?? What are you waiting for? Send me an email quick!

[19.07] Would you like to know what I liked best in 2020? Of course, my podcast. Because it allowed me to meet and speak to so many lovely people. And best of all, it gave me My Golden Crane Podcast Award. Yes! On 29th, just a few days back, I won my first ever award. I was so thrilled.

[19.33] Here’s my acceptance speech.

[19.36] {Acceptance Speech Voice Clip is Played}

[22.11] Yes. My podcast is so special because of all of you guys. Thanks for listening to it week after week.

[22.20] That’s my last episode for this year. Meet you with my next episode on the first Saturday of next year 2021.

[22.29] Please do follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And DO NOT forget to spread the word about this podcast dedicated for children. If you wish to convey your messages to me, send your mails to

[22.48] Thanks a Ton for listening. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2021…. Wooo hooo.

[22.53] {Closing Music}

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